The University of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education (MCE) invites applications for a benefitted, full-time, tenure-track position in the Research Methods & Statistics (RMS) program, the Research Methods and Information Science Department (RMIS) at the rank of Assistant Professor. We seek a candidate with demonstrated expertise in quantitative research methodology, as applied to the education sciences and other social sciences that fall within the Morgridge College of Education (e.g., Counseling Psychology).

We are searching for a colleague to complement the existing expertise within the Research Methods & Statistics program area. We are interested in an individual with a demonstrated publication record in advanced quantitative methods as applied to education or an adjacent social science; these include but are not limited to, latent variable models, multi-level models, research synthesis methods, or methods for causal inference. Substantive or applied research in education sciences or other social sciences, especially if it is methodologically innovative, is also highly interesting to our program. In RMS, we develop and sustain our programs of research while also actively collaborating with scholars around the College of Education, and a record of such interdisciplinary collaboration, or an excitement to begin such collaborations upon arrival here, is important for this position. A successful candidate would come prepared to mentor and advise masters and doctoral level students within the RMS program, as well as teach graduate level quantitative methodological coursework to students from programs across the College of Education. The Morgridge College of Education prides itself on centering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in teaching, research, and service. The ideal candidate demonstrates experience and versatility in inclusive pedagogy. We are especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion through their teaching, research, and service. Accordingly, we seek candidates who bring an understanding and appreciation of the power of data and research to foster social change and dismantle inequities.

Learn more—including requirements and application instructions—at the full position announcement, here.