The Department of Psychology and Special Education at China Institute of Education Sciences (IES-China) and China Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs are searching for “China Distinguished Foreign Experts” to visit China beginning from 2015. We seek scholars with research interests in the broad area of psychology, education and neuroscience.

QUALIFICATIONS: The China Distinguished Foreign Expert (CDFE) must possess a full-professorship in education, psychology, or a related field. The Experts will have a strong and sustainable scholarship record in the research area, a strong desire to collaborate with researchers in China, conduct research in the Chinese learning context, or any other reasons/motivations to solve problems relating to the learning phenomena in China. The scholar who is currently Editor-in-Chief of a journal with a high impact factor, Chair of an academic association, Director of an institutionalized organization or holding an equivalent world-wide acknowledgment in academia or administration, will receive preferential consideration. The CDFE appointment is 1 year, with an automatic extension to a consecutive year upon receiving positive reviews from the designated Chinese collaborators.

The successful candidate will be issued “China Distinguished Foreign Expert” Certificate issued by the Chinese Government to visit China for at least one month per year with generous stipend (about RMB 100,000 yuan ≈ US$16,000 per month), covering salary, per meal diem, accommodations, traveling within China and one round trip ticket from the native country to China as well as other logistic arrangements. See more details, please visit

If you are interested, we welcome you to send your inquiry along with your CV or research statement to Dr. Connie Qun Guan at as soon as possible. The recruitment review process begins on Nov 30, 2014 until the position(s) are filled.