Piedmont City School District is seeking assistance from an experienced education evaluator with:

  1. Evaluating a spring 2015 pilot of a web-based learning program used in middle school

    social studies and science classrooms;

  2. Developing a model for evaluating impact of other learning technologies; and
  3. Identifying technology solutions to facilitate application of the evaluation model.

Evaluate the spring 2015 pilot

This spring, middle school social studies and science teachers are using a new web-based learning program as part of a pilot project. Evaluation responsibilities include identifying appropriate outcomes/performance measures, collecting and analyzing student data and teacher insights about usage and performance, and helping the district determine whether the software pilot has been successful. The last day for students is May 21, 2015, so any data collection with students would have to be completed by that date. Final evaluation results must be received no later than June 19, 2015. Evaluation results will be used to inform the district’s decision of whether and how to continue using the program to support student growth and achievement.

Develop a model for future evaluations

The district would like to be in a stronger position to make results-based operational and instructional decisions about all learning technologies used by teachers and students. Evaluation model development responsibilities include identifying learning software programs currently being used in the district, identifying corresponding student outcomes/performance measures, and developing and documenting an analytical and operational model for evaluating the impact of these programs in fall 2015 and beyond. The district is also interested in the possibility of using the evaluation model to experiment with performance-based contracting for learning technology products.

Identify technologies to support evaluations

The district is interested in learning about and potentially acquiring technology platforms and products that could facilitate integrated application of the evaluation model across learning software programs. For example, the district is interested in tools that facilitate evaluation of technologies running on multiple devices/platforms and that produce data that can be efficiently integrated into the district’s student information systems and used to gauge product effectiveness.

Items above are listed in priority order, starting with the highest priority (spring pilot evaluation). Applicants need not address all three.

Interested parties should submit no more than three pages by Monday, April 20, to Mr. Jerry Snow, Piedmont City School District at jsnow@piedmont.k12.al.us describing:

  • Expertise, including people involved and examples of previous experience;
  • Approach, including methodology, timeline, and deliverables; and
  • Budget.