About Learning for Living®The Learning for Living Institute® is one of the few nationally-oriented nonprofits dedicated to creating and facilitating cutting-edge Life Success Skills Programs for college-age young adults. Located in downtown Boulder, the Learning for Living Institute® is a small, growing organization composed of a dedicated group of eight to ten collaborative employees and independent contractors.

“Learning for Living® is a truly unique organization. Its mission is essential: to help young people attain the fundamental skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.  Learning for Living® stands to make a vital difference to both our young people and our communities.”

– Claudine Schneider, Former U.S. Congresswoman

WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN ORGANIZER-WRITER, who is also an experienced facilitator-coach-teacher to work with us as an Independent Contractor to develop the Methods Manual for our Life Skills Facilitators’ Training.


You …

  • Value approaches developed by Positive Psychology, Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, Marshall Rosenberg, Motivational Interviewing, & David Kolb’s Experiential Learning;
  • Balance awareness and concern for others with awareness and support for yourself;
  • Express these values through your words;
  • Are genuine, empathetic, collaborative, and respectful of the students;
  • Enjoy interesting innovative work;
  • Have a sense of humor.


     You can …

  • Research life skills knowledge areas;
  • Organize material drawn from various sources into practical, sequential, “how-to-do-it” steps and processes in an instructional manual that the reader- facilitator can use to coach college students in Life Skills Educational Programs;
  • Use a brief, outline format so that our methods are clearly organized and easy to locate;
  • Describe the methods we will teach in our Facilitator Training in ways which excite the reader-facilitator’s interest and answer their questions;
  • Write in a way that is clear and to the point. Sentences are specific, simple, easy to understand with only one or two ideas included in each sentence;
  • Write in a tone that is casual, warm, supportive, human, and humorous;
  • Use specific examples, stories, and quotes taken from the typical college student’s life and concerns;
  • Use words that are original, engaging, and easy to remember. Verbs are lively and active; adjectives can paint a picture, pronouns are in the first person, and words often resonate viscerally. The reader wants to keep reading.
  • Read my hand-written hieroglyphics.


  You …

  • Are an experienced facilitator, coach, and teacher;
  • Work extensively with experiential programs and are comfortable with dramatic activities;
  • Enjoy working with college-age young people and college life issues;
  • Are knowledgeable and experienced in Life Skills Education and/or Social Emotional Learning.


        You …

  • Can work at home;
  • Take home average to above-average pay after the initial learning period;
  • Enjoy flexible hours;
  • Have a great team to work with; and
  • Use your skills to make a real difference in the world.


If this sounds like the opportunity for you, please send resume, writing samples, and cover letter to HR@learningforliving.org.  Include the job title “Organizer-Writer” in the subject line or in the header of your cover letter.   No calls or visits please.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We Empower college-age young people with the skills they need to live successful lives.