American University in Washington DC is currently inviting applications to fill two positions of Postdoctoral Fellows for Academic Diversity. The link to apply on Interfolio is:

A number of AU faculty in the Center for Neuroscience & Behavior, the Department of Psychology, and/or the Department of Neuroscience may be of interest to prospective postdoctoral applicants, including (but not limited to):

  • Dr. Catherine Stoodley is interested in the neuroscience of cognitive development, particularly the role of the human cerebellum in cognition, cognitive development and in neurodevelopmental disorders. She uses clinical studies, structural and functional neuroimaging, neuromodulation with transcranial direct current stimulation, and behavioral testing to investigate the functional anatomy of the cerebellum and the type of processing that the cerebellum performs. Learn more at:
  • Dr. Emily Grossnickle Peterson applies methods from educational psychology and cognitive neuroscience to investigate cognitive and motivational factors that support (or hinder) student learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Her current research examines questions such as why spatial reasoning skills predict science achievement and how teachers support student curiosity. Learn more at:
  • Dr. Laurie Bayet’s program of developmental research examines the mechanisms of high-level visual and socio-emotional perception in childhood and infancy, with faces and facial emotions as particular cases of interest. By bridging behavioral, neuroimaging (fNIRS, EEG), and computational methods, her lab seeks to build an integrated understanding of the critical experiences, neural pathways, and cognitive building blocks by which infants and young children learn to interpret their visual and social environment. Learn more at: