Description of the Foundation and the App:

The In-Mind Foundation is an international foundation, which focuses on the communicating psychology research to a general public. Its magazine and the foundation were founded in 2006 by Hans IJzerman, and the focus of the magazine has to attract a lay audience to read solid articles about solid research. Since then, the organization has grown to one with over 80 volunteers who are diligently working on the English, German, Italian, and Dutch language version of the peer-reviewed journal (for its English version, see

The foundation is devoted to communicating psychology – of all discplines (e.g., social, developmental, cognitive, clinical, et cetera) in diverse ways, from the main enterprise its flagship journal, to writing workshops at the yearly meeting for the Association of Psychological Science, to a quiz app for iPhone and Android (no longer in use), to videos explaining psychological concepts.

Job Summary:

The president fulfills a key role in maintaining the culture of the foundation. The foundation is dedicated to communicate psychological research clearly and with a high level of quality control. The president is responsible for leading the vision, strategy, development, and execution of the foundation’s mission, and to communicate with the different members of the foundation. Some future tasks that are expected include the acquisition of funding, increasing the effectiveness of social media campaigns, and rethinking the strategies to communicate psychological science effectively.

The president is further responsible for coordinating the diverse interests of the different language versions, and will work closely with the different editors-in-chief.

Ideal Skills and Requirements:

Below we sketch the ideal candidate. However, others may apply if they can make a strong case for why they would be the ideal candidate for the In-Mind Foundation President position.

  • Highly preferable: A Ph. D. in Psychology
  • Networked with people outside the academic community
  • Commitment to make academic content more accessible to a wider audience
  • Five years of experience in a leading role in a comparable organization
  • A proven past of acquisition of funding
  • Well developed communication skills, both orally and written

Please send a curriculum vita and cover letter detailing your relevant interests and experience to <>. For best consideration, please submit your application by July 15, 2015.