The School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) at the University of Colorado Denver announces a senior rank, tenure-track faculty position in the Learning Sciences and Critical Educational Studies beginning in the fall of 2013. We seek a scholar-educator who excels in securing funding for research, conducting vigorous lines of research, organizing teaching and learning at the university level, engaging in interdisciplinary and collaborative work, and has a history of working with non-dominant communities.

Our approach to the study of education and social life features the interplay of four perspectives:

– Interpretive perspectives use concepts and theories developed within the humanities and the social sciences to assist students in examining, understanding, and explaining education within different contexts.
– Normative perspectives to assist students in examining and explaining education in light of value orientations.
– Critical perspectives employ normative interpretations to assist students in developing inquiry skills, to question educational assumptions and arrangements, and to identify contradictions and inconsistencies among social and educational values, policies, and practices.
– Interdisciplinary perspectives on human learning and development employ socio- historical, socio-cultural, and technological areas of inquiry to understand teaching and learning and how to enhance learning.

We are seeking a senior faculty member whose work falls within the fourth perspective in order to complement scholars currently on our faculty in the Learning, Education, Technology and Society (LETS) program area. The successful candidate will provide leadership to this program area and collaborate with faculty colleagues in conducting research and preparing students for critical participation in education settings, instructional design, educational policy, etc. The successful candidate will employ an ecological lens on human learning and development in formal and informal settings that assumes complex relations between individuals, communities, institutions, and societal systems.


Key responsibilities include maintaining a robust and relevant program of research, teaching and advising students at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, and supporting the ongoing refinement and implementation of the SEHD’s new integrated program area in Learning, Education, Technology and Society. Support to develop and oversee the implementation of a strategic process for the recruitment of underrepresented groups is a significant expectation of the position. The candidate is also expected to co-author grants and publications with other faculty members and students.

For more information, please visit the University’s online job application site: (refer to job posting 819321).  Address inquiries regarding the faculty position to the search committee chair: Dr. Honorine Nocon at