We are pleased to announce 2 post-doctoral positions that may be of interest to motivation scholars.

These positions are part of a collaborative NSF project among Michigan State University (Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia & Jennifer Schmidt), the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Gwen Marchand), and WestEd (Christopher Harris). We are seeking two post-doctoral research associates to work with us on the development and implementation of a professional learning model for science teachers to learn how to support student motivation and engagement in the context of science instruction. Please apply for the UNLV position here and the MSU position here.

We encourage applicants to apply for multiple positions. More details about the positions can be found in a PDF description here. Questions can also be directed to Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia (llgarcia@msu.edu), Jennifer Schmidt (jaschmid@msu.edu), and Gwen Marchand (Gwen.Marchand@unlv.edu).