• Positions: 2 Postdoctoral Research Fellows in psychology and cognitive/social neuroscience
  • Topic: Motivation, decision making, and learning
  • Place: Motivation Science Lab (http://koumurayama.com/) at the University of Reading, UK
  • Duration: 2 years and 6 months

Motivation Science Lab (http://koumurayama.com/) announces two open postdoc positions in psychology and cognitive/social neuroscience on the topic of intrinsic and social rewards, curiosity and interest, deicision making, learning, and education. The first postdoc position (SRF17759) specifically seeks a researcher who can conduct structural and functional MRI analysis (ideally including resting-state fMRI analysis) to brain imaging data of adolescent students. The second postdoc position (SRF17760)seeks researchers who can design and conduct behavioural studies related to (but not limited to) curiosity, decision making, and learning jointly with the PI. For both positions, successful candidates are expected transfer and share their expertise with our team.

The closing date of application is April 30th, 2017. Both positions will start on September 1st, 2017, and the duration is for 30 months. The positions come with additional research and conference travel costs.

The details of the respective positions can be found in the links below (separate links). Please apply online via the links (email application would not be accepted).



You can apply for both positions, but please apply separately with the appropriate job reference number, if you would like to be considered for both positions.

Motivation Science Lab focuses on a number of overlapping questions about the function
and the architecture of human motivation from both theoretical and practical
perspectives using a variety of research methodologies. The lab recently attracted a various awards and grants, including the prestigious Leverhulme Research Leadership Award—a 5-year £1M award. These two positions are announced as part of our strategic expansion plan.

The School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading was ranked in the top 20 (15th) in the UK in its unit of assessment in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework based on research power. The school hosts the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN), providing extensive laboratory facilities for research projects in psychology and cognitive and computational neuroscience, with a research-dedicated 3T Siemens Trio MRI scanner (just upgraded this year), and other neuroscientific facilities.

Please feel free to contact the PI (Kou Murayama; k.murayama@reading.ac.uk) if you have any questions about the posts.